by By Lisa Grimaldi | May 01, 2009

This web-exclusive article accompanies The Case for Incentives (M&C, May 2009), about defending your program.

From the Site International Foundation:
• "Measuring Results of Incentive Programs and Meetings in a Down Economy" (

From the Incentive Research Foundation (to access all of the following, log in first to
• "The ‘Evidence-Based' Case for Incentives"
• "Incentives, Motivation and Workplace Performance: Research and Best Practices"
• "The Master Measurement Model of Employee Performance"
• "Determining the ROI of Incentive Travel Programs"
• "Assessing the Impact of Sales Incentive Programs: A Business Process Perspective"

From the Incentive Marketing Association:
• "Making the Case for Sales Incentives to the Tune of 10 Percent ROI," and "Making the Business Case for Your Incentive Program" (

Another great resource for white papers is the Incentive Performance Center, an umbrella group for all of the incentive associations (