by Martha Cooke | November 01, 2003

Galen Poss of Hanley-Wood Exhibitions

I think the next 10 years in our industry are going to be the most exciting and challenging,” predicts Galen Poss, president of Hanley-Wood Exhibitions, a division of Washington, D.C.-based Hanley-Wood LLC. “The industry is changing very quickly and dramatically, and the needs of our customers aren’t what they were even three years ago.” 

Poss, whose company produces some of the largest building- and construction-related shows in the United States, says a large part of the challenge is that exhibitors’ needs vary so widely. “They all want to meet customers, but they all define a successful show differently,” he notes.

“We are in a new age of competition,” says Steven Hacker, president of the Dallas-based International Association for Exhibition Management. “The people who are going to profit most successfully are those who can figure out ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency.”

To achieve this and stay on top of their game, trade show producers in all industries are scrambling to make changes in areas as diverse as technology, customer service and logistics. Here’s a look at the top trends shaping the market today, along with revealing insights from the people making them happen.