by Cheryl-Anne Sturken | September 01, 2015

Getting the job done
One of Cvent's earliest clients was Meetings & Incentives Worldwide, now with a staff of 180 employees executing more than 2,000 annual events globally. In 2008, Cvent asked the company, which had been using StarCite (now part of Lanyon) for seven years, to beta test a new online RFP it was preparing to launch. "They really got our attention," recalls Tina Madden, CPA, partner and chief financial officer for M&IW. "Today, we run our whole business, for each client, across the entire Cvent platform, which gives us tremendous visibility into what each customer is doing, including meeting spend, budgeting and satisfaction scores."

Another user is Sarah Muschler, CMP, meeting manager for Illumina, a San
Diego-based medical-device company with 3,750 employees in 10 global offices. She was familiar with Cvent's eRFP system when she was hired last November -- experience her hiring manager required of all candidates -- and she has begun to implement the platform's strategic management tool. "We have a team of Cvent people we meet with weekly to work on work flow, tweaking and customizing it for us," she says.

Where it's all going
Cvent's ultimate objective, Chuck Ghoorah told attendees in closing remarks he made at the Cvent Connect conference in June, is to elevate the meetings industry in the eyes of corporate leaders. "Meetings and events are essential to the growth of companies," he said. "When you return to your offices, I ask you to take your rightful seat in the corporate boardroom."

A general session at the 2015 Cvent Connect

The company has still more on its to-do list going forward. "In 2016 we are going to focus on exhibitor management," says Reggie Aggarwal, "and over the next 12 months we are going to be looking at addressing the multiple layers of sourcing international meetings."

According to Eric Eden, Cvent's senior vice president of marketing, "Our research shows that, globally, meetings generated $100 billion in spend for hotels in 2014, which means we've captured only 10 percent of total volume. What we see is a lot of green-space opportunity out there."

It's the magnitude of that opportunity that will keep Cvent -- and the entire meetings industry -- on its toes, according to Corbin Ball. "We are going through a time of huge technology innovation," he says. "There are startup companies emerging with new, more efficient code and fresh ideas that could change everything."