by Michael J. Shapiro | June 01, 2010, launched in mid-April by Australia-based Internet marketing entrepreneur Logan Nathan, is a free, straightforward application of the power of social media applied to event marketing. "Broadcast your events to the world in the next seven minutes!" the site boasts.

The premise is simple, and the broadcasting relies on Twitter's viral marketing capabilities. Event hosts with Twitter accounts begin by filling out some basic event and contact information at TweetMyEvents adds the information to its event listings and automatically generates a tweet to be sent out from the event host's Twitter account.

The automatic tweet includes a link back to the TweetMyEvents database of events, but one can easily edit the tweet before sending it and instead include a link to the event's home page or registration site. TweetMyEvents also offers the option to automatically post the information to a Facebook account.

The number of eyes that immediately see news of the event depends on the number of followers the host has on Twitter. The viral potential comes from retweeting and reposting, both by the event host's followers and by anyone browsing the list of events at TweetMyEvents.

Though brand new, TweetMyEvents is itself benefitting from the viral blueprint it espouses. Nearly 200 events in 15 different countries were posted in the site's first 11 days of operation, and Nathan expected to reach 1,000 events within a month.

"The site is mostly known from my Twitter account," says Nathan, who has more than 20,000 followers, "and all the other publicity" that's come so far from interested media outlets. "So the social media viral marketing is already working for us," he points out.

At this point, the free service doesn't bring Nathan's company any revenue. "However," he acknowledges, "just like Twitter and Facebook, at some point in time we have to start thinking about making money."