by Kate Mulcrone | January 01, 2011

Here are some of the very best YouTube videos to get you started with social media or help you expand your reach. We've even included tutorials on editing and posting videos.

How to Set Up a Facebook Fan Page
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Fan pages are intended for businesses who want to let the world know about their products and services, so they could be a better fit for you professionally than a personal Facebook profile. This video covers the basics of setting up a fan page.
LinkedIn Profile Tutorial

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There's a little more to LinkedIn than just filling out a profile like you would your résumé. This video is full of tips on optimizing for search engines and getting your profile "to 100%."
Total Twitter Tutorial
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Twitter can be daunting -- this video offers a step-by-step introduction to signing up, finding people to follow and composing your first tweets.
Top Twitter Tools
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Think of this as Twitter 102 -- learn how to select the best hashtags for your tweets, update all your social media networks at once and track how many people are clicking your links.
New Twitter!

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Are you afraid to change over to the "new Twitter," or still having trouble getting used to it? This walk-through should ease your mind.
How to Shoot Video Using a Flip Camera
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Flip video cameras are really easy to use from a tech standpoint, but what about lighting, framing and sound? This video shows you some easy ways to make sure your video will turn out great before you actually start shooting.
How to Edit Video Using Windows Movie Maker 2

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This thorough tutorial covers everything from getting video footage from your camera to your computer to editing movies to compressing files for sharing.
How to Edit Video using iMovie '08 on a Mac
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This easy-to-use video editing software ships with every Apple computer. Learn the basics of importing video, selecting clips and finishing a movie project.