by By Sarah J.F. Braley | May 01, 2009

The following advice from a career website accompanies "Protecting Your Job" by Sarah J.F. Braley (M&C, May 2009).

A February survey of 8,000 people
conducted by Harris Interactive for showed that 26 percent worry more about losing their jobs today than a year ago, and 35 percent said the workplace has become more competitive because of job cuts.

To help people navigate this ever-changing atmosphere, offers the following tips.

Seek out more responsibility. Volunteer to take on additional tasks, and get involved in long-term projects.

Be a team player. Proactively share information and resources to help others in their work.

Offer ideas. Propose cost savings, improved efficiencies and new revenue streams.

Toot your horn. Keep a current record of your accomplishments and contributions, quantifying results whenever possible. Make sure to give kudos to those who help you, as well.

Stay positive.
Keep focused and don't let rumors impact your productivity.