by Sarah J.F. Braley | April 01, 2012

While researching "Best Places to Work in the Meetings Industry," we asked members of our Google Group on the MiForum [link] to list their favorite job perks. What follows are some of their responses.

• When working for an incentive and corporate meeting company a few years back, the owners paid everything by American Express, whereby they had accumulated boatloads of points. It took a while, but they put a schedule in place for employees to be able to take advantage of a certain amount of points each year to either cover air travel or hotel stays, based on years of employment.  One year, I was able to accrue enough points for two international coach tickets -- but that was back in the day when you could fly internationally for 50K vs. 100K today.

• Being able to travel to magnificent destinations on other people's dime.  (Okay, so some are more glamorous than others, but still...)

• Without a doubt the international travel. I have gone to places I never would have had the opportunity to visit otherwise. Even though I was working, I always made a little time to see a few of the most popular tourist sites.

• I no longer work for the company, but they bought lunch for all their directors every day, which I thought was really cool.

• The amenity in your hotel room or a comped spa appointment

• Being able to work at home on Fridays. I have such a horrible commute, having time on Friday without interruptions has greatly helped in getting things done.

• My favorite job perk is being able to work at home one day per week. I don't always get to take it because of meetings or workload issues, but when I can it's wonderful. I am able to get out of bed and walk over to my office and work in my PJs all day or schedule home repairs or maintenance calls and not have to take time off to do it. It's kind of like a mental-health day, but you're still working. Lovely!

• I am allowed to keep airline miles for personal use.

• My favorite perk is getting to go on-site at really nice hotels and have room service (sometimes) and eat great food. Of course, that goes along with working like crazy while I'm doing that. I also love the fact that I get to meet and work with different people for each meeting, both internally, since I have different "customers" in my company, and externally, with all the suppliers I use.

• My favorite job perk (and what drew me to the events industry in the first place) is that I get to work with people in many, varied companies and industries. One month you might be focused on health care or pharmaceuticals, and the next you're working with a financial services firm, and after that it might be retail. Working with a client to create the event that works best for them is what I love! No two events are exactly the same.

Perks of working from home:
• Not having to wear makeup and grown-up clothes every day

• Getting to work in my PJs

• 1) I have a 14-step commute from my bedroom; 2) I can work in my jammies if I want to (except when I have Skype video calls); 3) Every day is "pet day" (three cats "work" in my office: one who guards the door = security guard; one who sits on piles of paper on the floor = paperweight; one who likes to chew on papers, especially receipts = paper shredder).