by Lisa A. Grimaldi | November 01, 2017

Travel gizmos, a portable manicure station and a wrinkle-free (and cute!) dress are among M&C's 2017 Hot Ideas of the Day that really resonated with our audience. Following is a compilation of the year's 25 most popular items. To receive a piping Hot Idea in your inbox every workday (it's free!), go to Note: Prices were current at press time.

1. See It, Pack It: Use your smartphone to snap pictures of each item you pack in your suitcase (one snapshot of shoes, one of jewelry, etc.). Check the photos when you repack to make sure you're not leaving anything behind in the hotel.

2. Instant Nail Salon: Pamper your participants with mani-pedis alongside the pool, in a trade-show booth or at a break with the portable mani-pedi cart from Dazzle Dry. The package includes four stools and an umbrella that can be co-branded with the name of an organization or facility. Cost: $4,000, more for nail products. 

3. Hide in Plane Site: It might look a bit bizarre, but the Ostrich Pillow is the closest thing you'll get to a snooze and some privacy during a long flight. Take a power nap anywhere in this cozy cocoon. Cost: $99.

4. Luggage that's Smarter Than You: Raden's rolling bag can weigh itself and connects to an iOS app that provides weather, traffic and proximity alerts. The suitcase, available in a range of colors, also has a built-in battery with two charging ports. Cost: $395.

5. Don't Burst This "Bubble": At the Hyatt Centric Times Square New York's Bar 54, groups of up to 20 can enjoy the rooftop space, even during the chilly months, by congregating in the "bubbles" -- translucent, heated igloos with 1950s-inspired mod furnishings. Cost: Contact property for pricing.

6. Your New Wardrobe Essential: Ex Officio's chic, comfy and packable Wanderlux dresses defy wrinkles; available in a range of styles and colors. Cost: From $37.50.


7. Finally, a Cure for Airplane Hair: Dry plane air can lead to frazzled, static-prone hair. Give your 'do its bounce back with a spritz of this dry shampoo, which won't leave any weird residue behind. It comes in a handy 1-oz size, perfect for tucking in a carry-on. Cost: $10.

8. Lost Luggage Finder: Wouldn't it be great if your bag could tell you where it wound up? Now it can, with the 

Trakdot luggage tracker. This little battery-powered gizmo uses cellular technology to let you know where your bag is if it gets lost. Cost: About $40. 

9. Any USB Port in a Storm: The HooToo TripMate Elite Wireless Travel Router packs two USB ports and a backup battery into this pocket-sized device, so you can have a secure WiFi connection anywhere. Cost: $30.

 10. Lighten Up: Brumark's Magnitude flooring system features LED lights that illuminate the perimeter of a raised floor, creating a special effect that really makes your booth stand out. Cost: Contact company for pricing.

11. Closet on Wheels: The packing cubes that stack into this sturdy (you can sit on it!) aluminum-framed luggage make living out of a suitcase easy work. Cost: $295.


12. How to Look Dry-Clean Fresh: The Conair portable steamer is lightweight and dual-voltage, so you can be 

wrinkle-free even when you're overseas. Cost: $23.