by Sarah J.F. Braley | October 03, 2014

Three owners of the land in Everett, Mass., where Steve Wynn plans to build a resort casino, have been indicted on the state and federal level, according to the Boston Globe. The charges allege that the men defrauded Wynn and lied to state regulators when they hid the fact that one of their partners is convicted felon and known Mafia associate Charles Lightbody. The newspaper reported that the 13-page federal indictment says Lightbody and two other defendants went to elaborate lengths to cover up Lightbody's connection to the land, fearing the knowledge would kill Wynn's chances of winning the sole Eastern Massachusetts casino license, which was awarded to him last month. Lightbody is being held without bail until a hearing next Tuesday.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission said in a statement yesterday: "The MGC has been very clear that protecting the integrity of the state's expanded gaming industry must be its first priority. Appropriate collaboration between the Commission as a regulatory body and local, state and federal law enforcement agencies is an integral part of accomplishing that mission. As it has done throughout this process, when there are concerns about potential criminal conduct, the Investigations and Enforcement Bureau delivers investigatory materials to the relevant law enforcement authorities for action deemed appropriate and today's state indictments resulted. These federal and state indictments send a loud message that the Massachusetts Gaming Commission will take every measure necessary to preserve the integrity of the gaming industry while also remaining focused on maximizing the benefits of job creation and increased revenue to the Commonwealth."

The statement also noted that the IEB had conducted a thorough and comprehensive investigation into the suitability of Wynn MA LLC to build the casino resort. A recent IEB report reaffirmed that Wynn MA LLC is suitable in all respects and that the sellers of the land would have no involvement with operations of the casino.