by Michael J. Shapiro | August 21, 2014
Marriott International has made significant progress in its goals of energy and waste reduction, according to its 2014 Sustainability Report, released at the end of last week. Revealed among the 10 separate issue reports that make up the full study are substantial decreases since the 2007 baseline created by the lodging company: a 13 percent drop in water use, an 11 percent decrease in energy use and a 12 percent decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. Measurements are based on kilowatt-hours per square meter of conditioned space and cubic meters of water consumption per occupied room. One of the key objectives of Marriott's plan is to achieve a 20 percent reduction in energy and water waste usage by 2020. "Our sustainability strategy is critical to the growth and success of our communities, our company and our efforts to help protect our planet's natural resources," said Arne Sorenson, Marriott's president and CEO. The Green Hotels Global tool, which  Marriott rolled out throughout the company in 2013, has been an integral part of the sustainability program, tracking the environmental footprint of every property. The 10 environmental and social issues covered by Marriott in the sustainability report include: workforce development; environmental performance; stakeholder engagement and policy advocacy; global diversity and inclusion; health, safety and well being; responsible sourcing; business model and sustainability strategy; business ethics and human rights; community engagement, and natural capital. The report and its components may be found at