by Sarah J.F. Braley | March 30, 2015
TerraPass, which provides resources to companies and individuals to help them understand and take responsibility for their climate impact, has partnered with MeetGreen, the Portland, Ore.-based sustainable events firm, to help lower the carbon footprint of meetings. MeetGreen has incorporated the new TerraPass Event Carbon Calculator on its website ( to help planners document and further reduce their usage. "Understanding their event's carbon emissions has been difficult for many organizers," said Nancy Zavada, principal of MeetGreen, in a statement. "As an event management company focused on sustainability, it is an area we are often asked to demystify. Thanks to our work with TerraPass, we have been able to help our clients understand and reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, clients have the opportunity to devise an offset program that best fits their unique situation. This new tool gives meeting and event organizers a simple way to clearly comprehend their climate impact, develop a baseline and make decisions about how to be accountable for those emissions that are unavoidable."

The new calculator allows MeetGreen clients to determine their event's carbon footprint and then purchase offsets to account for the emissions they can't avoid. Users enter data based on the four main energy-intensive activities -- travel, venue, water and meals. Emission results are shown immediately, and a full report arrives by email. Offsets can be purchased monthly or in a one-time payment.