by Cheryl-Anne Sturken | November 08, 2016
Paris-based AccorHotels has formed a strategic partnership with German hotel company 25hours Hotels, a small boutique brand with a current portfolio of seven hotels in key European cities, including Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany; Vienna, Austria; and Zurich, Switzerland. AccorHotels is acquiring a 30 percent stake in 25hours Hotels and plans to accelerate the global expansion of the latter's brand. 
Christoph Hoffmann, CEO of 25hours, in commenting on the partnership deal, said, "Loyal partners have supported our growth in the German-speaking market for the past 10 years, and we now also have the opportunity to conquer the world with a global partner. This strategic partnership represents a key milestone in our company's history and a new adventure we are looking forward to." The company will add another five properties by year-end 2018, with hotels slated to open in Zurich; Munich, Cologne and Düsseldorf, Germany; and Paris.
Sébastien Bazin, chairman & CEO of AccorHotels, said his company was interested in an alliance with 25hours Hotels because of its "design-oriented boutique hotels that are a great workplace for urban nomads and an ideal starting point for outings into key cities." He added that AccorHotels is continuing in the lifestyle segment, one of the fastest growing in the industry, and noted, "We are going one step further in our strategy to be a global leader in lifestyle hotels."
The Hamburg, Germany, headquarters of  25hours Hotels is currently being expanded as the company ratchets up preparations for development projects under consideration in cities including Melbourne, Australia; Miami; and Milan, Italy. The company plans to develop an in-house creative Extra Hour Lab, where elements from design and branding will be tested. "Everything that sets the 25hours brand apart and makes it viable for the future is to evolve here," said Kai Hollmann, chairman of 25hours Hotels. "This includes design and storytelling as well as the extraordinary experience concepts and the atmospheric and sensual features."
The partnership between the two hotel companies is subject to the regulatory approvals of the German and Austrian antitrust authorities.