by Michael J. Shapiro | July 21, 2015
Airbnb expanded its Business Travel program this week with the launch of a new suite of tools designed to facilitate the use of the platform by companies. The new tools provide more visibility into employee travel itineraries, as well as ease the financial reporting and central billing processes. More than 250 companies - among them Google, SoundCloud and advertising agency TBWA - now participate in Airbnb's Business Travel program, which launched about one year ago.

"Our employees worldwide appreciate the choice and flexibility that Airbnb listings provide them when they're on the road, whether for conferences, meetings or team off-sites," said Google global travel manager Darragh Ormsby. "It's great that Googlers can easily access Airbnb's wide range of accommodations as they make their travel plans."

Airbnb offers a business travel dashboard, which can be set up quickly for a company's travel program. Employees can then opt in if they wish to book via the Airbnb platform. For travel managers, the platform has three components: the Activity Tab, which lists current and upcoming employee trips, including dates, destination, date booked, trip status, number of people staying at the property and an interactive map; the Reporting Tab, allowing the management of booking reports for the entire organization, along with the ability to export financial data and reports; and the Employees Tab, through which a travel manager can track the approved and pending travelers registered to use the Airbnb platform. Airbnb is offering $50 per traveler in booking credit to any organizations that sign up for the Business Travel program between now and Sept. 1.