by Cheryl-Anne Sturken | February 17, 2016

U.S. hotel companies might have propelled the trend of creating niche brands that target the millennial market, but some international chains are taking up the torch. This week, in an interview with HotelierMiddleEast, Nehme Imad Darwiche, president and chairman of Darwiche Worldwide Legacy, and CEO of Jannah Hotels & Resorts, which has properties in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, said his company will launch a new budget hotel brand aimed at attracting the growing millennial market.

The new brand, BedoInn, will have two major brand priorities: access to good public transportation, and operations that are ethical and sustainable. Millennials, Darwiche told HotelierMiddleEast, "want to decide on the best deal, but you know how they decide? If there is a hotel that is giving away money to Greenpeace, the millennial will stay in that hotel. BedoInn will represent everything that is ethical. One of its values will be that we do what is good for the world, from amenities, to hiring, to how we engage with the world."

In driving home the brand's commitment to maintaining an ethical business operation, Darwiche said all of BedoInn's bathroom amenities will be supplied by the German brand Ada, which use only organic and biodegradable packaging. In addition, all BedoInn staff will be required to sign up for membership to charitable groups such as Greenpeace or the Red Cross on joining the hotel, a policy he believes will create the right spirit among the brand's team members.

The new hotel brand also will do away with traditional room categories, offering instead 'pods' designed to cater to exercise buffs (with a treadmill in the room), or computer equipment for gaming enthusiasts. While Darwiche did not say where the first BedoInn will open, he did confirm that the UAE, the United States and Europe are all potential markets for a flagship hotel that is expected to open its doors in 2018.