by Michael J. Shapiro | August 27, 2014
Hong Kong-based Shangri-La is rebranding its midscale Traders Hotels as Hotel Jen, the lodging company announced this week. Hotel Jen Orchardgateway, slated to open Sept. 15 in Singapore, will be the first of the new brand to debut, followed by nine additional properties in major Asia Pacific cities by March 2015. The brand will be marked by a relaxed, friendly style, according to Shangri-La, and is inspired by the virtual persona Jen — "a professional hotelier who loves life, travel and the adventure of discovering new places," according to a press release. The rebranding of the 25-year-old Traders name is being driven by customer research and the desire to capture a new generation of travelers, according to Shangri-La president and CEO Greg Dogan. "The Hotel Jen experience delivers what matters most to guests with a Millennial mindset," he said. "They appreciate important things done well; demand quality, comfort and value, together with honest, authentic service. And they want privacy and efficiency without unnecessary fuss or intrusion. This will keep us relevant and competitive for the next 20 years to come." Properties will feature free Wi-Fi throughout, along with a wealth of mobile charging stations. An "informed and friendly" service approach will position guests as "friends of Jen," according to the press release. Following the Singapore opening, Traders hotels will be converted in Hong Kong; Brisbane, Australia; Penang and Johor Bahru, Malaysia; Manila, Philippines; Maldives; and Beijing and Shenyang, China.