by Sarah J.F. Braley | May 11, 2011

Following a $6 billion revitalization of the brand, 230 of Sheraton hotels and resorts have been re-evaluated and upgraded by Travelocity. As part of a three-year overhaul, Sheraton removed more than 60 hotels that did not meet the brand's improved standards, opened 79 new hotels and resorts, renovated more than 120 hotels and rolled out 300 new lobbies across its global portfolio. Sheraton now has more than 70,000 new or newly renovated guest rooms -- 50,000 in North America alone; more than 340 new lobbies now feature the [email protected] social and connectivity lounges; and more than 100,000 new Sheraton Sweet Sleeper all-white, high-thread count beds have been installed in 83,000 guest rooms worldwide. The 103 fully renovated properties include Sheratons in Denver; Dallas; Boston; Seattle; Montreal; and Waikiki, Hawaii.