by Michael J. Shapiro | October 31, 2012

 The 5,044-room MGM Grand Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip unveiled 42 new Stay Well rooms on Friday. The health-and-wellness rooms, designed by wellness real estate developer Delos, are meant to help guests combat jet lag, reset their internal clocks and regulate melatonin levels to promote better sleep. Delos collaborated with doctors and researchers at Columbia University Medical School and the Cleveland Clinic to develop the rooms, which include such amenities as vitamin C-infused shower water, to promote healthy hair and skin; healthy food-and-beverage options; advanced room lighting that promotes better sleep and waking; advanced air and water purification systems; optional aromatherapy; electromagnetic-fields protection; an anti-bacterial coating on in-room surfaces; access to Cleveland Clinic wellness software; and in-room wellness educational programming featuring Deepak Chopra. Stay Well rooms are available for a $30 per night upgrade above prevailing room and suite rates.