by Lisa A. Grimaldi | November 02, 2017
This winter, a trio of Italian restaurants will debut in Disney Springs, Walt Disney World's dining, shopping and entertainment development designed to recreate an old-fashioned American town. The restaurants will be adjacent to the Edison, the lavish "Industrial Gothic-style" entertainment venue.
Maria & Enzo's Italian trattoria will be set in Disney Spring's replica of an abandoned airline terminal from the 1930s; its menu will include Sicilian dishes including arancini di carne (rice balls stuffed with meat), melanzane parmigiana (eggplant Parmesan) and handmade pasta. Enzo's Hideaway, designed to resemble a speakeasy and inspired by Florida's bootlegging past, will serve Prohibition-era cocktails at its Tunnel Bar and hearty Roman dishes like bucatini alla carbonara (hollow spaghetti with creamy egg and pancetta sauce) and tonnarelli cacio e pepe (square-cut spaghetti with pecorino and black pepper). The third eatery, Pizza Ponte, will offer pastries, pizza, Italian sandwiches and espresso.