by Lisa A. Grimaldi | January 11, 2012

The Site International Foundation and the Incentive Travel Council have released the first part of their joint study of 1,003 incentive travel participants. The survey, "Incentive Travel: The Participant Viewpoint," was conducted last year by ResearchNow. This first installment of the four-part series focused on how meaningful programs are to incentive travel participants. Among the findings: When asked if the performance goals required to earn a travel reward were clear, 73 percent of those polled agreed or strongly agreed that they were, 78 percent said the goals were achievable, and nearly 70 percent felt the goals were fairly determined. The study also revealed that when asked asked if cash or a similar reward (e.g., a prepaid debit card) would be a more effective motivational tool than travel, 37 percent of participants chose the money, while 32 percent chose travel and the other 31 percent said neither was more effective. Another key finding: The majority of those polled (62 percent) considered travel a more effective motivator than merchandise. For full findings, click here: