November 29, 2017
The Dallas-based incentive house Spear One is charging into 2018 with a new name and a new incentive program platform.

The nearly quarter-century-old firm's new name, Brightspot Incentives & Events, is intended to capture the positivity, creativity and passion of the company's people and its culture, said Mike May, the company's president, who is also the incoming chair of the Incentive Research Foundation for 2018. 

"We strive to make our client's jobs easier and make them look good," said May. "We want to be the bright spot to our client contact and make their program a bright spot in their company."

Click here to visit the new website for Brightspot Incentives & Events.

The company is moving into the new year with more than just a brand change. Brightspot has introduced a major upgrade to its incentive software platform, Ignite 3.0. The two most distinctive parts of the new platform are its flexibility and its customization friendliness, May said. 

Noting that Brightspot focuses heavily on sales incentives, May said, "in the sales incentive realm, every company's go-to-market strategy is a little different. Are they selling direct, are they going through channel, is it dealer or distributor? Sales incentives require different types of transactions, and clients need different types of rules, have different ways they need transactions validated and filtered."

That's in contrast to broader employee-recognition programs which, he said, "focus on a more standardized employee-employer relationship - [this is] peer-to-peer, it's nomination, there's points."

May added, "What we see when we're serving the sales-incentive market is that the need for backend flexibility is even greater. We built a lot more horsepower and flexibility into the rules engine."

The same applies to Ignite 3.0's customization capabilities. "It's a lot more than changing the color of a menu bar," May said. "We have a passion for creativity - we built in a lot more in terms of what you can do with the layout of the page and what the graphics can do." 

Other features include mobile responsive design, a new analytics dashboard that offers clean and easy design, and integration with Salesforce, Partner Portals, and Learning Systems, which makes manual data entry unnecessary.