by Sarah J.F. Braley | February 20, 2019
The American Society of Association Executives has made two changes to its Certified Association Executive program. The updates add an ethics requirement for the renewal of the credential.
In order to qualify for the certification, the experience requirement for candidates who are employed as an association CEO or in a C-suite level position has been reduced to one year. ASAE's CAE Commission came up with this in order to eliminate unnecessary barriers to participation in the CAE Program, saying that professional development should be the focal point of the application rather than an individual's tenure in their C-level job.
The CAE Commission also has adopted a one-credit ethics requirement to be included as part of the 40 credits needed for each CAE cycle beginning with certificates due to renew in 2020. The credit can be acquired from any ethics course with an association focus taken through ASAE or an outside provider.
"The CAE Commission recognizes that executives come to the association world through many paths, often gaining valuable experience outside of our industry," said Lowell Aplebaum, CAE, CPF, CEO and strategy catalyst of Vista Cova, and chair of the CAE Commission. "Thus, the CAE Program should acknowledge these transferable skills and experience, while also continuing to shine light on the ethical responsibilities association professionals of all levels are charged to uphold."
For more details about the CAE program, founded in 1960, and the exam, click here.