by Michael J. Shapiro | March 08, 2018
Meetings-tech supplier Groupize relaunched a new and improved version of its sourcing module, which now offers a company meetings portal powered by what it calls the Meetings Complexity Index.
Using this new index, planners can distinguish between a simple meeting and a complex meeting by using parameters such as meeting type, attendee type, estimated budget and number of attendees. The approach then determines automatically whether the occasional planner would use self-service mode or require support at predefined moments, such as for negotiating and contracting. It also directs full-service processes to internal or third-party planners when appropriate.
"Simple meetings do not require all the high touch and costs associated with a complex meeting," noted Groupize president and CEO Charles de Gaspe Beaubien, "and simple meetings can represent 60 to 80 percent of all meetings. We made a strategic decision to invest in rebuilding our entire sourcing modules last year and now have an even easier-to-use end-to-end platform." The platform is now multitenant, which means it can be configured to serve multiple groups of planners with common access privileges, and it can be easily configured and implemented companywide. 
"As many companies are reviewing their SMM programs due to hotel commission changes," de Gaspe Beaubien continued, "the time is perfect to re-investigate Groupize as the perfect cost-effective complement to your existing process."
The point of the Meetings Complexity Index is that simple meetings don't always depend solely on the number of attendees. While the average simple meeting on the platform has between three and 50 attendees, acknowledges de Gaspe Beaubien, clients have executed self-service "simple meetings" in the platform for as many as 1,000 attendees and might do as many as 100 meetings per week.
The eBids module on the platform, powered by what Groupize calls Magic Mail, was designed with speed of response in mind. More than 80 percent of bids receive answers within 12 hours, according to Groupize, with a 40 percent average conversion rate. Magic Mail automatically tracks all communication within a single portal, including attachments, and organizes it by hotel.
The end-to-end platform includes a direct booking engine for sleeping rooms, eBids for sourcing meetings, attendee registration, simple housing management and air management, as well as integrations with global distribution systems, duty-of-care platforms and Concur. 
Groupize will showcase the updated platform March 13-16 at the Concur Fusion 2018 user conference in Seattle.