by Sarah J.F. Braley | February 01, 2012

The International Association of Conference Centers, with more than 300 conference center members around the world, has redefined its mission statement, beyond describing its member properties as the best physical facilities at which to hold meetings for up to 300 people. The new mission emphasizes IACC's aim to help clients create unique events. “Rather than simply provide first-class meeting venues, IACC members deliver more broadly conceived meeting experiences,” said IACC global president Neil Pompan. “Our new vision statement captures the wider lens of the IACC Meeting Concept.” The updated vision statement describes IACC as “a community of people and organizations with a passion for delivering innovative and exceptional meeting experiences.”
The organization also has released its IACC Quality Standards, which replace the organization’s former Universal Criteria and serve as a new blueprint for IACC facilities. “Of course, the physical attributes of a conference center will always remain important, but they are only one piece of the puzzle,” Pompan said. “Our competitors can copy the bricks and mortar, the chairs and tables, the lighting and soundproofing. They offer meeting packages that often confuse customers and decrease differentiation. What they cannot do is create total meeting experiences like those found at IACC conference centers.”