by Michael C. Lowe | April 29, 2015
The Public Events Council of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events has released a new report on this part of the exhibitions world. Using data from 22 industry sectors between 2009 and 2014, the Public Events Industry Report: 2014 Results identifies which sectors fared well, which struggled and what the expectations are for the future. Key results include:

• 2014 was the first year that newly launched events were reported in each of the 22 sectors.
• Maintaining and growing attendance was identified as one of the major challenges facing show producers in 2015. In support of this statement, 23 percent of the respondents in 2014 reported worse attendance than in 2013.
• While venue-related problems were identified as the top issue facing public-show producers, the study determined that technology and engaging with Millennials were new challenges being addressed.

The report is available to IAEE members for free or $99 for nonmembers here.