by Lisa A. Grimaldi | January 04, 2012

The IMEX Group has released a progress report on the three-year-old sustainability initiatives in place at IMEX-Frankfurt, its annual meeting and incentive trade show held in Frankfurt, Germany. According to the organization, the program has resulted in a 28 percent decrease in waste generated by the show, from 167 tons in 2009 to 121 tons in 2011. Other results of the program include an increase in the amount of paper waste that is recycled -- from 7 tons in 2009 to 33 tons in 2011; the residual waste, which includes plastics that cannot be recycled, has been reduced from 23 tons in 2009 to 14 tons in 2011, and the amount of wood waste is down from approximately 5 tons in 2009 to less than 1 ton in 2011. The 2012 IMEX-Frankfurt show will take place May 22-24.