by Sarah J.F. Braley | April 04, 2014
Meeting Professionals International and the Global Business Travel Association, who are in the process of redesigning the certified meeting manager program, have decided to incorporate concerns voiced by current holders of the designation into the process. In a letter to the meeting planner community, Paul Van Deventer, president and CEO of MPI, outlined how the organizations have rejiggered the new program. His letter says:

After aggregating, analyzing and synthesizing your feedback, we found a number of consistent recommendations, which, if implemented, would strengthen the CMM Program going forward. After reviewing the recommended changes with our partner, GBTA, together we have agreed to revise the CMM Program as follows:
The program will retain the Certificate in Meeting Management name and may also be referenced by the CMM acronym.
The criteria for participation in the CMM Program have been revised as follows to better align with [MPI's] Meeting and Business Event Competency Standards. Each candidate will be evaluated through a comprehensive application process with documented panel review against the following criteria:
· a minimum of 7-10 years of professional experience in the meeting and event or business travel industry;
· a minimum of 3-5 years of management experience with two years of profit and loss responsibility; and
· a personal statement and letter of recommendation from a professional colleague or supervisor.

Each future CMM Program participant will be required to develop a business case in which they must apply the course materials learned. The business case should reflect real situations, address current challenges that need to be resolved and be actionable - meaning the participant must have responsibility and influence over the challenges' outcome. Each participant's business case will be evaluated and scored against a pre-established standard of performance or rubric by CMM Program faculty.
Professionals that achieved the Certificate in Meeting Management from MPI prior to 2014 will retain the CMM designation, which is now supported by both MPI and GBTA. GBTA will communicate directly to individuals that achieved the comparable GBTA certificate regarding parameters for using the CMM designation.
In addition, MPI will reissue new certificates to existing CMM designees with the correct Certificate in Meeting Management branding. More details will be shared in the near future about how and when the new certificates will be provided.