by Sarah J.F. Braley | September 19, 2012

Meeting Professionals International has released new research, called the Business Barometer Annual, predicting the number of meetings to rise about 3 percent in 2013 and budgets to increase by 1 percent, year-over-year. To gather the results, Association Insights surveyed 1,277 MPI members in July, including 528 planners, 527 suppliers, 135 "suplanners" (those who have both planning and supplier duties), 11 faculty, 28 students and 46 people with multiple roles. Among other results from the study, about 25 percent of planners said they are very active with corporate social responsibility elements, while 58 percent said they are somewhat active; on the supplier side of the issue, 30 percent are very active and 59 percent are somewhat active. The full report is available here for free to members; the cost is $199 for nonmembers.