by Lisa A. Grimaldi | November 12, 2014
Destinations that place a high priority on marketing their brands and offerings realize significantly greater employment and economic growth than those that don't, according to research from the Destination & Travel Foundation, the research arm of Destination Marketing Association International. Oxford Research, the group that conducted the study, used data from more than 200 cities over roughly 20 years, case studies, interviews and a literature review. There were four key findings for U.S. destinations that spent an estimated $2 billion during that period on promotion and marketing to encourage leisure and convention travel: 1) Destination promotion supports development of transportation infrastructure, providing greater accessibility and supply logistics that are important in attracting investment to other sectors. 2) The actions also build awareness, familiarity and relationships in commercial networks that are critical in attracting investment. 3) And by securing meetings, conventions and trade shows for local facilities, DMOs create valuable exposure among business decision-makers and opportunities to deepen connections with attendees. 4) Destination promotion also supports amenities and a quality of life that are integral to attracting investment in other sectors in the form of human capital, corporate relocations and expansion. For more information, click here.