by Lisa A. Grimaldi | October 10, 2017
Kevin Hinton, CEO of SITE, has announced he will leave the organization in January 2018. 
In a statement to SITE members, Hinton said, "Over the next few years, we are poised for growth because of a collaborative effort to reimagine the SITE organizational structure and make changes to the fundamentals of how we manage our business. These proposed changes reflect thoughtful and deliberate planning and input from our members, board members and trustees, and myself and my management team.  We look forward to 2018 with this new structure in place.  
"At this time of important transition, I feel that it is also time for me to step away and close out my work over the past four and a half years so that I can explore my next professional chapter. I am confident that SITE is positioned for successful growth and that my work is done, and have communicated my intention to resign from my position as SITE's CEO to Rajeev Kohli and Rhea Stagner after the SITE + MPI Global Forum in January. This was not an easy decision, but one that aligns with my long-term professional and personal goals. I have many caring relationships in the SITE family and will always cherish the time I have spent here. I will be staying on through the end of January 2018 to ensure a smooth transition.  
"We all should be very proud of the progress we have made since 2013, including a refreshed brand and the development of our competency-based curriculum, a clarified research strategy and our new content hub, Motivate. SITE is in a stronger financial position, has implemented a new event strategy and is collaborating successfully with multiple organizations and industry partners. We are also working with government bodies and business leaders because our voice and influence are critical to advancing the value of incentive travel as a business tool to drive engagement and performance.
"Having created a new management model for a successful future, a new CEO will be able to come in at this exciting time -- as we celebrate 45 years in 2018 -- to deliver important growth for SITE and continue our advocacy efforts on behalf of the global incentive travel industry.
"I am grateful for the opportunity to have served SITE and the Foundation since 2013 and will be working closely with our board and trustees members until a new CEO is identified and ready to take the SITE leadership baton in early 2018."