by Loren G. Edelstein | January 31, 2017

The Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) responded to the announcement of a U.S. travel ban with a global survey designed to measure the emotional and economic impact of this policy. The survey was completed by 300 travel buyers from around the world.

Fear and uncertainty were the prevailing sentiments expressed by 20 percent of business travel managers who answered "yes" to the question: "Is the U.S. travel ban from select countries posing travel difficulties for your company?" According to a statement Greeley Koch, ACTE's executive director, "That percentage is unacceptable." Furthermore, 39 percent of respondents said the travel ban will significantly or somewhat reduce their corporate travel. 

"This, too, is unacceptable for an industry that has to endure too many crisis in one form or another," said Koch. "Our industry needs policy that reduces fear and uncertainty…We need data and dialogue to move forward."

Following are results of the recent survey:

1. Is the U.S. travel ban from select countries (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) posing travel difficulties for your company?

  • Yes: 20%
  • No: 46%
  • Not yet sure: 34%

2. What is the nature of the travel difficulties?

  • Fear of traveler harassment: 6%
  • Fear of reprisals or harassment of U.S. travelers in the Middle East: 5%
  • Uncertainty regarding Green Card and approved visa credibility: 4%
  • Limited access to employee pool: 2%
  • All of the above: 25%
  • Not sure yet: 16%
  • Did not apply: 38%

3. What do you project could be the lasting impact of this ban?

  • Immediate complications with existing travel arrangements for a significant number of travelers: 23%
  • New and intensified threats against U.S. travelers abroad: 22%
  • Canceling of contracts with U.S.-based companies and Middle Eastern firms: 11%
  • Not yet sure: 44%

4. Will this travel ban reduce your company's travel?

  • Yes, significantly: 3%
  • Yes, somewhat: 36%
  • No, not at all: 61%