by Lisa A. Grimaldi | September 06, 2017
Financial & Insurance Conference Planners has officially changed its name to Financial & Insurance Conference Professionals, following approval by a majority of members. According to FICP chair Joseph Scully, senior director of meeting and event management for John Hancock Financial Services, FICP's board of directors recommended the change based on member surveys and focus groups, who felt "the need to elevate the perception of meeting planning as a respected and trusted profession; this…allows us to continue to evolve an organization that has served meetings and event professionals for 60 years to better meet that need."

"Our members resoundingly agreed on the importance of this subtle yet powerful change, which is intended to emphasize the professional nature of our members' contributions to their companies throughout their careers," said Steve Bova, FICP's executive director. "This change will help FICP better serve not just its members, but all meetings and events professionals at financial services and insurance companies, while also aligning more closely to other organizations within our industry."

FICP currently is updating its articles of incorporation and bylaws to reflect the new name; the changes to both also were approved by the organization's members.