by Loren G. Edelstein | February 16, 2016
Insurance company AIG has released a 30-minute informative video led by the company's medical director, Dr. William Spangler, offering very specific details about the Zika virus and its transmission, symptoms and risks, as well as precautionary measures for travelers. Dr. Spangler noted that travel warnings and advisories in Zika-affected areas are not restrictions. In addition to providing preventative measures for travelers to affected areas, he answered questions from listeners to the webcast, which was broadcast live on Feb. 8. 
For meeting and conference planners with upcoming events in affected areas, he said, "It's all about mosquito control. Everyone needs a can of insect repellent with DEET....and if anyone has symptoms of any sort, they need to be tested right away." 

An archive of the program can be accessed free of charge here