by Lisa A. Grimaldi | August 10, 2011

In the wake of the riots that have rocked sections of the British capital since the weekend, the European Tour Operators Association has issued a statement to reassure visitors that central London and major landmarks in the city have been unaffected. A statement from the organization said, "Events like these have occurred in Western cities such as L.A., Madrid and Paris. Those in the U.K. are abnormal, and so newsworthy, even this August. But they have been largely confined to secondary shopping centers in the suburbs. No iconic landmarks have been affected. So long as the damage is contained outside of central London, then there will be little long-term impact on demand for London as a tourist destination. ETOA members handle tens of thousands of visitors to London. So far none have been caught up in the current problems. London is still one of the safest and most vibrant tourism destinations in the world."