by Michael J. Shapiro | September 24, 2014
Mexico's government and military managed to evacuate approximately 26,900 tourists from hurricane-ravaged Baja California Sur between Sept. 16 and 20, according to Mexico Secretary of Tourism Claudia Ruiz Massieu, but relief and repair work remain slow going, especially in the Los Cabos area. The government has established shelter for more than 11,000 people and set up 38 community dining areas while the efforts continue. In addition to the state's hospitals, medical care is being provided by 21 mobile emergency units. As of this Tuesday, 13 bank branches were open and operating. Fortunately, according to the government, the state's underlying infrastructure didn't suffer any serious damage. More than 2,000 hotel rooms currently are operating. The Los Cabos International Airport remains open only for official relief efforts, and will be closed to commercial flights until Oct. 8 at the earliest. As of Monday, the Federal Electricity Commission had restored power to only 19 percent of the Los Cabos population. In the northern part of the state, however, power had been restored to approximately 95 percent, and in the state capital of La Paz about 90 percent of residents have power.