by Michael C. Lowe | April 10, 2013
Officials from the Korean Tourism Organization are assuring travelers that the country is safe, despite a series of threats made by North Korea's government. "North Korea has a long history of making confrontational rhetoric and empty threats to South Korea, the United States and other nations as well. All the experts in this matter, both international and based in the U.S., agree that there is no real or present danger that North Korea would act on its threats," Sejoon You, executive director of KTO's New York office said in a letter to the travel industry and travelers to Korea. "Korea remains a safe, pleasant and beautiful destination to be enjoyed now and later. All hotels, airports, airlines, cities and attractions are operating normally." The tourism organization suggests referring those concerned to the official U.S. Department of State website for further information. The State Department has not issued a travel warning for South Korea.