by Michael J. Shapiro | June 27, 2012

Three federal police agents were shot and killed Monday morning in the food court of Terminal 2, a busy passenger area in Mexico City's International Airport. The three officers were investigating a drug-smuggling ring at the airport and were shot by suspects they had intended to arrest, according to Mexico's federal public safety department. The suspects, two known federal agents, fled and currently are being sought. In an ongoing investigation, federal police have confiscated more than 440 pounds of cocaine at the airport thus far in 2012, compared with 198 pounds of the drug in all of 2011. Despite those numbers, the Mexico City Airport has been considered safe and has not previously been the site of related violence. No other injuries were reported following Monday's shooting. Flights and airport operations continued normally, according to the airport, although the food court remained closed for several hours, published accounts have noted.