by Michael J. Shapiro | March 23, 2016

The U.S. State Department has issued a travel warning to Europe following several recent terrorism incidents, urging travelers to remain vigilant. In light of this recent guidance, security and risk-management firm iJET International has issued the following top 10 travel security tips.

1. Minimize time spent in public areas.
2. When entering a building or room, immediately identify all available means for exit and mentally rehearse how to get to them. Avoid areas with large glass panels, walls and ceilings.
3. Gravitate away from incidents and gatherings of all kinds, such as protests.
4. Be alert to sudden increases in security presence and activities.
5. In the early stages of an incident, run. If you are unable to run, hide.
6. If violent contact is imminent and unavoidable, fight with what's at hand.
7. Establish a communications plan and consider additional means of messaging capabilities.
8. Carry current ID.
9. Heed the instructions of authorities; remain calm and cooperative if stopped and questioned by authorities.
10. Move to and through security checkpoints as quickly as allowed.

The complete State Department warning is available here and is in effect until June 20.