by Lisa A. Grimaldi | May 07, 2018

The U.S. was the top country -- a spot it has held for two decades --  for hosting large association conventions in 2017, according to the newly released rankings from the International Congress and Convention Association. The country hosted 195 of these events last year. Germany came in second place (682 meetings), followed by the United Kingdom (592); Spain (564); Italy (515); France (506); Japan (414); China (376); Canada (360), and the Netherlands (307).  

Barcelona hosted the most international association meetings (195), according to ICCA's statistics; this marks the first time the city has held top honors since 2004. It was followed in the rankings by Paris and Vienna (each hosting 190 conferences), Berlin (185) and London (177 events). Rounding out the top 10 are Singapore (160), Madrid (153), Prague (151), Lisbon (149) and Seoul (142). Montreal was the top-ranked North American City, hosting 96 international association congresses. 
ICCA's rankings are based on the number of association meetings that take place on a regular basis and rotate between a minimum of three countries. For 2017 ICCA captured data from a record 12,558 of these events.
Remarking on the findings, ICCA CEO Martin Sirk said: "In a world of disruption and unpredictability, the continuing growth in international association meetings is a welcome anomaly, but is not that surprising. We are still in a period of revolutionary change in terms of scientific and technological advancements, which are transforming traditional association fields such as healthcare and trade. To make sense of the tsunami of new data and information, association communities need to meet. Not just at their traditional, well-established meetings, but in new gatherings specifically invented to serve new academic fields or to reach out to new audiences. These are the pressures that we believe will continue to boost the sector for many years to come."

The Top-10 cities and countries are listed below: