by Loren G. Edelstein | February 03, 2016

Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, today sent the following letter via email to travel industry colleagues regarding the organization's response to the Zika virus and its threat to the industry:

The Zika virus -- and its potential impact -- has many travelers and our industry rightfully questioning how best to mitigate its spread in the U.S. As with previous health crises, the U.S. Travel Association is activating an industry plan to serve as a bridge between the travel community, administration and public health officials to share fact-based information.

We are monitoring this situation every day, with a focus on developments announced by the administration and public health agencies, as well as reports in the media. Online resources are now available at to help aid our industry's response.

1. Talking points, quotes from health experts and links to official sources may be found online. We will keep this page updated with the latest information.

2. We have engaged White House and federal officials who are leading the U.S. response to Zika, and have expressed our industry's ability to share information throughout a vast network. Moreover, we will provide our industry's perspective with government leaders for a measured, responsible approach as it relates to travel, should the need for action arise.

3. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that widespread transmission here is unlikely at this time, the association is readying for a greater crisis response if and when needed.

Public health and security are of paramount concern. As the situation evolves, we will continue to rely on medical experts and federal officials to provide our industry - and travelers - with the guidance and confidence needed to travel safely.

We will continue to keep you informed.