by Lisa A. Grimaldi | June 28, 2017
The Prague Congress Center has launched a renovation of its meeting spaces and upgrades to its A/V capabilities, Internet connection and more. The project is scheduled for completion in time to host the ICCA Congress, which takes place Nov. 12-15. The center offers more than 140,000 square feet of exhibit space and can accommodate up to 9,300 delegates.
Public spaces and the center's two largest halls, the Congress Hall and the Forum Hall, are being refurbished. The halls will get upgraded seating, new lighting and high-tech A/V technology. The center also is adding 180 WiFi points and 2,000 data slots throughout the building. A navigation system also is being developed for the building to allow participants to find their way with ease.
According to the Prague Congress Center's sales and marketing director Lenka Žlebková, "We care about the satisfaction of our clients, the organizers of major congresses. We are not able to change the building itself too much, but we can upgrade the facilities and provided services. This is our main task until the beginning of November, when the prestigious ICCA Congress takes place at the PCC. We want to turn the Prague Congress Center into a place where congresses and conferences with the highest demands on technology can be held. We are aiming for a satisfied participant who will want to come back again. We want the delegates of big congresses and conferences to be instantly and without difficulty able to find their way through the building with the help of a mobile phone application that will also provide them with all necessary information in actual time."