April 25, 2017
The latest in venue technology has been added to the Prague Congress Centre in the Czech Republic.

Among the facility's new features is a self check-in system that consists of automated registration kiosks. Attendees who did not preregister for an event can use the kiosks to register onsite, while those who did preregister can check in by scanning a QR code emailed to them at the time they registered.

Another addition is a new content management system that makes it easy for event organizers to collect speakers' presentations and distribute them to designated meeting rooms. Presentation information can be emailed to attendees or displayed on monitors outside the meeting room. The system has three modules: Designed for trained technicians, the "Administrator" module can be used to project, record, and edit presentations; the "Organizer" module, meanwhile, can be used by meeting planners to create and manage the event's schedule; and the "Participant" module shares event information with attendees via a mobile app that can also be used to communicate with speakers and complete event evaluations.

The facility now offers holographic technology, which broadcasts images onto a stage to create special effects, such as a conversation between speakers and holographic clones.

"At Prague Congress Centre we try to provide our clients with the most comfortable solutions to help them organize their event," said Milan Svoboda, the facility's A/V technology manager. "We want them to have a feeling that organizing a congress, conference, or a culture event can go smoothly and effectively, that they have received top-quality services from us, and that they will gladly come back."

The Prague Congress Centre originally opened in 1981 and offers approximately 140,000 square feet of exhibition space for groups of up to 9,300 people.