by Lisa A. Grimaldi | November 09, 2018
Infinity Falls, a new attraction that aims to bring the thrill of white-water rafting into a family-friendly experience, has debuted at SeaWorld Orlando. Featuring a 40-foot waterfall drop, the ride is being called the tallest drop on a river-raft attraction.
Infinity Falls takes riders -- seated in eight-passenger circular rafts -- on an adventure through a lush rainforest environment inspired by some of the world's most spectacular freshwater ecosystems, while offering thrills via dynamic drops and turns, interactive water elements and exhilarating rapids. The ride features an innovative vertical lift that transports the rafts to the top of the attraction's 40-foot drop in just over five seconds.

The ride is the centerpiece of a newly themed area designed to resemble the base camp of an expedition for explorers and scientists. After riding Infinity Falls, the entire family can wander through the camp and take part in interactive experiences that combine play with education about preserving natural freshwater ecosystems, part of SeaWorld's mission to help guests understand some of the challenges facing the planet.