by Michael J. Shapiro | January 29, 2014
Cvent has launched an Audience Management Platform, which integrates ticketing, mobile functionality, fan engagement, website design, social-networking integration and reporting for consumer-focused events. The new product is marketed and sold through the company's CrowdTorch app division, and it merges the functionality of Cvent's TicketMob and Seed Labs acquisitions into one platform. "It's a natural progression of Cvent's vision," noted Cvent's vice president of corporate development, Nitin Malhotra. The service will help venues, promoters, artists and event organizers build brand loyalty, drive ticket sales and increase revenue. The platform will be offered to event-organizing clients, in addition to powering the sites that TicketMob built for fans to find and buy tickets to events — namely LaughStub for comedy, TuneStub for live music, and ElectroStub for electronic dance music and nightlife. Scot Richardson, the founder and CEO of TicketMob, will be the general manager of CrowdTorch, and Seed Labs founder Todd Rogers will head up mobile strategy and development.