by Michael J. Shapiro | February 27, 2013

 CrowdCompass, Cvent's business event mobile-app division, unveiled the Event Center on Tuesday, a new do-it-yourself app-creation platform. The platform is designed for corporate event organizers to create mobile web apps in HTML5 or native apps for Apple iOS and Android devices. A multi-event app is available for organizers to reduce set-up time by creating several meetings within a single app. Organizers can customize the theme, icons and colors of each app, and can add interactive maps as well. Detailed reports of app activity also are available. Attendee functionality includes social sharing via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; the ability to log in to each app with email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ user info; two-way contact exchange; and scheduling that includes reminders and the ability to block out personal appointment time. Event organizers can use the platform whether or not they have another relationship with Cvent. Apps begin at $5,900.