by Michael J. Shapiro | September 02, 2016
Mobile event technology provider DoubleDutch updated its Live Engagement Platform and accompanying mobile app with new capabilities. Paramount among the new features is what DoubleDutch calls Quickstart Onboarding, a guided, step-by-step tutorial that takes customers through a self-service app-development process, from uploading media and importing content to setting up third-party integrations and then publishing to the App Store. The process makes use of templates designed by DoubleDutch to use content in a way that drives attendees to take what it calls "meaningful actions" - to interact and connect rather than passively viewing information. 

The Quickstart Onboarding process asks the event manager for the top three goals of the event, and selects the best template based on those goals. According to DoubleDutch, the new platform streamlines the app-building process while incorporating best-practice guidelines into each template.

The other new features are:

• Revenue manager: Organizers can collect new revenue streams by offering exhibitors and sponsors ways to distribute content through the app, encouraging in-person meetings and a higher return on investment for those sponsors.

• Content visibility permissions:
 Organizers can personalize in-app content based on the needs of different attendee groups.

• Sub-sessions agenda: By further breaking down the agenda, it is easier for attendees to navigate complex programs, identify their topics of interest and achieve their event goals.

The platform update is the second since DoubleDutch branded its Live Engagement Platform in May of this year.