by Michaela Christensen | June 04, 2015
E-180 Labs, a technology provider that enables the creation of peer-learning communities at conferences and events, introduced a new app called Braindater ( last week at C2 Montreal, an annual business conference on innovation. The new tool matches attendees one-on-one for spontaneous "brain dates" based on what they are looking to learn or teach.

E-180 Labs uses matchmaking technology and onsite professional matchmakers who help participants set up profiles through a web and mobile platform adapted to an event's brand. The company also provides a searchable database listing all attendee profiles and their offers and requests for knowledge; a powerful dashboard to help manage participants, generate reports and learn from the data; and features such as agenda, workshop registration, speaker profiles and Eventbrite integration.

Christine Renaud, CEO of E-180, said Braindater is a perfect use of downtime for attendees looking to brain date right at that moment.

Montréal-based E-180 began as a free public platform in 2011 for people to schedule peer-learning meet-ups at community gathering places like coffee shops. Two years later, C2 Montreal came calling. "They asked if we would like to build their B2B platform," said Christine Renaud, CEO. "And at first we were a bit skeptical - we did peer-to-peer learning, not B2B."

However, the platform was a smash hit at C2 Montreal, and has continued to be each year since, giving birth to E-180 Labs in the process. "The first year people loved it," said Renaud. "It just became something that we now offer to many events. We are all over the world with the product."

To date, E-180 Labs has reached over 25,000 conference participants from New York to Marrakech. At C2 Montreal 2015, 1,345 brain dates were held through C2's platform, which they dubbed the "Hub," and another 70 brain dates were set up through Braindater. C2 Montreal had 5,000 attendees this year.

According to Renaud, "When you have that meaningful connection with somebody, it also sets the ground for better business connections."