by Michael J. Shapiro | September 09, 2016

Event-management software provider Etouches has launched Event ROI, an integrated tool that collects, integrates and analyzes a broad range of event data and performance metrics. The analysis is based on trends, benchmarks and industry best practices, as well as the host organization's predetermined goals for an event. Because the new tool is part of the Etouches platform, planners can get real-time results and take steps to improve their outcomes leading up to their events.

"As a breakthrough capability for event managers and organizers, our Event ROI tool will change the way that the industry operates," said Niko Nelissen, vice president of mobile, data and engagement for Etouches. "By measuring event ROI in real time against client goals, the product will bring event data points to life with actionable tools."

According to Etouches, theirs is the first tool that can calculate return on investment leading up to an event and as it progresses. With the organization's goals already entered into the platform, the analysis of data collected via sourcing, registration, mobile and onsite activity - all functions offered by the Etouches platform - can provide results that eliminate the need for complex business intelligence tools typically used after the event closes.

The company has been working with customers to refine the tool prior to release, in order to provide a more complete, "end-to-end" solution for managing meetings and events, according to Etouches. The acquisition in June of Zentila, a sourcing and booking service, helped round out the Etouches portfolio of tools. Event ROI will be offered as part of Etouches Plus, a collection of add-ons that augment Etouches' client plan.