by Loren G. Edelstein | March 01, 2016

Event app provider Zerista today rolled out its new user interface (UI), offering faster, more intuitive navigation, smarter activity feeds, and more creative social media tools to help attendees connect and share. One major enhancement: When users open the app, a series of five navigation tabs -- customizable to match an event's requirements -- are displayed across the bottom of the screen. "With our new UI design, everything is easier to discover," said Charles Savage, Zerista's chief technology officer. "That means attendees are actually more apt to explore and use the app features."

The new Zerista UI also features "intelligent sections" on the home page that highlight the most relevant content for individual attendees or exhibitors. Based on algorithms tailored to an event, the user can see attendees or companies they should meet and sessions they should attend. "Zerista focuses on going beyond adoption to deliver engagement," said Savage. "This mobile experience creates a more dynamic environment, which brings users back again and again, and it pulls content forward so those users engage with the things that are most important to event owners."

Among new social media elements, users can now insert photos of sessions in their event social posts, and they can "like" and reply to others' posts.  "Event organizers can customize the app to allow or deny photo sharing, as some conferences in specific industries, such as Life Sciences, have to abide by regulations around information sharing," noted Savage.