by Michael C. Lowe | February 12, 2015
FreemanXP and the Event Marketing Institute released the results of a joint study, The Viral Impact of Events: Extending & Amplifying Reach via Social Media. The research found that a majority of event marketers are prioritizing the use of their gathering's social content to reach a broader audience and are acknowledging that attendees increasingly share event content through social media. 

Other key insights include:

• Seventy percent of top brands ranked social marketing related to event programs as "extremely" or "very important," yet only 16 percent said they are "very effective" at using social media to generate viral impact from their events and exhibit programs. Only 21 percent said social media is "effective."

• Approximately 50 percent of event marketers specifically budget for social efforts, and 97 percent expect to increase or maintain their spend levels for the next budget cycle.

• The most effective social media platforms were found to be Facebook for pre-event activity, Twitter for during the event and Facebook for post-event communication.

The full study, which also provides estimates of the social media impressions generated at past events, the most impactful social channels, and guidelines for enhancing social content, can be downloaded on FreemanXP's website for free.