by Michael J. Shapiro | June 01, 2017
As the quest for useful attendee data intensifies among marketers and event organizers, goCharge aims to provide yet another source for that information: phone-charging stations. GoCharge launched a new platform today for its stations, called Canvass, designed to engage with conference and trade-show attendees while they are charging their devices -- via lead generation, app downloads, video advertising and more. The platform creates engagement opportunities for sponsors and advertisers through customer engagement before, during and after the actual charging process.
To access the free charging locker at an event, attendees must text a customized code; in return they receive a text message with several survey questions that they must answer before placing a device in the locker. The attendee then has the option to opt in to receive additional communications in exchange for sponsor promotions, contests or other incentives. Engagements are completely customizable according to the needs of the event organizer and the sponsor. 
By associating the engagement with the attendee's mobile phone number, additional information related to the carrier and registered address becomes available, allowing for targeted, local marketing opportunities when the attendee opts in.
"We're now offering brands a new way to engage consumers at conferences, hotels, bars, sporting events, etc.," said goCharge CEO David Walke. "While everyone is always looking for ways to charge their mobile devices, venues have yet to find a solution to monetize this normal occurrence. With Canvass, brands can survey, collect data to generate leads and display ads."
GoCharge stations have been used at hundreds of large outdoor festivals and events, and they can be found in many Major League Baseball stadiums and National Hockey League arenas. They are available for rent or purchase for conferences and trade shows, as well.